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SOA - FIRST 9 (SAMCRO 1967)  (SOA - History) Verfasst: Sonntag, den 15. Januar 2012 18:46

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Blog von sons-of-anarchy :SONS OF ANARCHY, SOA - FIRST 9   (SAMCRO 1967)


The club was formed in 1967 by John Teller and Piermont “Piney”
Winston, following their return from service as paratroopers during the
Vietnam War. The first chapter was founded in Charming, California and
originally had only nine members, the other seven being Wally Grazer,
Thomas “Uncle Tom” Whitney, Chico Villenueva ,Lenny Janowitz , Clay
Morrow, Keith McGee and Otto “L’il Killer” Moran.

John Teller was the founder and president of SAMCRO. Murdered by Clay Morrow.

Status: Deceased

Clay was one of the original 9, but not a "founding member". In episode 8, season 4, Clay mentions that Piney sponsored him when he was originally patched in. Clay is now the president of SAMCRO after John's Death. Last of the first 9 to join.

Status: Alive

Piermont 'Piney' Winston was the co-founder of Sons of Anarchy with John Teller. He was murdered by Clay Morrow.

Status: Deceased

Keith McGee
After being a founding member of SAMCRO Keith moved to Belfast where he became the president of SAMBEL. He was then killed by Clay Morrow later in Season 3 for "betraying" the club.
Status: Deceased

Lenny 'The Pimp' Janowitz
He was the 3rd member of the Sons of Anarchy MC. Currently imprisoned at Stockton State Prison.

Status: Alive

Wally Grazer
He was the 5th member of the Sons of Anarchy MC in 1968. A drifter by choice by the time he hooked up with SOA he already had deep connections to every nitty and gritty part of Redwood County. He was a valuable asset. Took his own life in 1986 before he could die from years of neglected cirrhosis of the liver, never being a fan of doctors.
Status: Deceased

Thomas 'Uncle Tom' Whitney
He was the 6th member of the Sons of Anarchy MC after Wally Grazer introduced him to the club. Holds the unofficial record for "most stolen anything" in the SOA lore.
Status: Deceased

Chico Vellenueva
Daredevil. Met the Sons in 1968, while working as a mechanic who sold parts at cost to John and Piney. Known to dismantle a motorcycle in under an hour. He took a lot of speed in his early years.
Status: Deceased

Otto 'L'il Killer' Moran
Not to be confused with "Big Otto" Delany. Found floating in the river in 1985, foul play suspected. He was 5'7 on a good day and got the nickname 'Lil' Killer' because it is rumoured he once killed a 300lb man with his bare hands during a fist fight.
Status: Deceased.

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